Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wonky Work In Progress

It has been a busy week! Hardly any sewing, boo. We have been in California - our son graduated from Marine bootcamp, yay! We had a few days in the sun before returning to the cold weather. Thankfully no snow yet. Before I left I did manage to decide on my next project and even sew up a block to see if I liked 'the plan.'  I stumbled across the wonky pinwheel tutorial by Greenleaf Goods; I really liked the idea and saw a number of variations on Pinterest. It took me awhile, seriously days, to decide on what I wanted to do here. I finally decided on solid Kona Navy surrounded by teal prints. Yum!

I like it! I'm thinking about doing a larger starting square; these were 3.5 inches and seems like it might take forever and ever before a quilt would emerge. My test block above is 6.5 square, it will be 6 when finished. The benefit of using the smaller starting squares is that you can use up even small scraps... a trade off, forever and ever before a finish or using up small scraps. Don't know, gonna have to ponder this one.

Using the dark centers is really no trouble at all, I just used my pink sewline to mark the lines

I can't wait until this is finished. I don't know what it will end up as but I'm excited to see! In the meantime I'm doing another dog quilt that will hang in a dog rescue! Instead of pastels the request for this quilt was 'bright and fun.' I had a couple of ideas, Lily Ashbury always comes to mind when I hear 'bright' but didn't think her awesome florals would work here. I decided on V and Co Simply Style. These fabrics are bright and fun and not too girly or boyish. I think the colors will really pop against a bright white background. I'm planning to use Kona White as the background fabric. I'm working on a plan for the background and borders.

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  1. Hello Heather, I love that pattern too... tried it once with a very tiny mini quilt, but suppose one day I use it for a big one. Your quilt with this pattern will be beautiful! Kind regards, Annett
    Feel invited to visit my blog knettycraft.wordpress.com... there's a pincushion swap going on

  2. Those wonky pinwheels look like a lot of fun--I like the navy with teal!

  3. I love the idea of the pinwheel. If you want to use up your small scraps, but not have it take as long, might I recommend doing some blocks that finish at 6" and some that finish at 12". Your 6" finished blocks can be set in sets of 4 to match the 12" blocks, and it will get you done faster + use up those small scraps.

  4. Very similar to my Endless Chain quilt! Love your color selection!

  5. Heather this looks like such fun!! Great scrap buster too!!