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Sewing was all around me as a kid, my mom sewed, my grandma sewed... If you've ever been anywhere near northern Wisconsin in February then you know that it is cold... not just a little cold, but really cold! We all need a good indoor hobby for those kind of days around here!

Even though my mom sewed I didn't get started until I was in college. I bought my first machine at Wal-Mart in the late 90's and was determined to complete a King size mini-pinwheel quilt in my spare time while taking classes, working two or three jobs and raising a family. It had about two thousand pinwheels.... It is still a Work In Progress although not much progress has been made in the last 15 years or so. I haven't given up on it though. I still take it out and look at the pieces and wonder what I was thinking! I'm thinking maybe I should reconsider the King size and just go with a throw or wall hanging size (or whatever is cut and ready at this point!). Many of the fabrics in that quilt came from my grandma. She used to sew a lot for her kids and grandkids. She made us clothes, Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids clothes, blankets, you name it, she could sew it. She is also a saver so I had quite a bit of fabric to choose from for that pinwheel quilt. Even though my mom and grandma both did a lot of sewing I mostly learned through books, online tutorials and good ol' trial and error!

As it happened I enjoy sewing so much that I was making more things that I really needed - and Modern Parti Quilts was born. I needed an outlet to move some of my 'wares' out and onto other folks. I didn't want my quilty stuff taking over. Aside from family and sewing, I love spending time with our pups. Our oldest, Peanut, is a buff and white parti-colored cocker spaniel. The parti in MPQ is a nod to him. Here he is in his younger days, what a stud

The Rest of Us

I live in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, a suburb of Madison, with our two dogs, Peanut and Laci, and my hubby, Larry. Our son Tyler graduated high school earlier this year and is currently pursuing a stint in the Marines. Here we are just before he headed out for boot camp.

The Rest of the Time

Aside from sewing, family and our pups we also spend time playing a little recreational volleyball, hitting up Team Trivia, fostering cocker spaniels, exploring Madison, cooking, baking, walking and watching our Packers and Badgers!

Life is Good!

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