Finished Quilts

Green Bay Packers Quilt

Sea Monster Quilt

Herringbone Crib Quilt

Triangle Baby Quilt

Chez Moi Triangle Crib Quilt

Postage Stamp Quilt

Sherbet Quilt

Hourglass Quilt

do.Good Stitches Quilt, pieced by Promise Circle

Purple Pinwheel Quilt

Rainbow Baby Quilt

Silly Strings Quilt

The Sophie Quilt 

The Bella Chica Quilt

The Ruby Quilt

The Benny Quilt

The Hildy Quilt


Simply Style Dog Quilt

Red and Tan HST Quilt

Limeade Toddler Quilt

Herringbone Quilt

Gumballs Quilt

Country Girl Improv Quilt

Vertical Chevron Quilt

Glimma Quilt

Dog Quilt - Chez Moi

Mr. P Quilt

1 comment:

  1. What a great bunch of quilts. I really like your color combinations, I'm also a fan of chez moi fabricsl.