Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Up Parasol Sherbet Baby Quilt

Oh jelly roll, how you get to me every time... I know I'm not the only one who finds it tricky to use jelly rolls but they keep me on my toes that's for sure! I had a bunch of leftover strips from when I made my rainbow burst mini quilt from a jelly roll of Up Parasol by Heather Bailey. I love the large scale prints in this line but it's hard to showcase them when they've been cut into 2.5 inch strips.

I added in some odds and ends from the Birds and Berries collection by Jessi and Lauren Jung. These two bird loving fabric lines went together just perfectly! The sweet oranges, pinks, greens and teals meshed so well! I could not help but think of sherbet ice cream the entire time I was working on this quilt!

With my deep affection for teal and orange fabrics it's no wonder that I drawn to the two of these collections. I'm so glad I was able to pull them together into one baby quilt! And use up part of my jelly roll.... although I still have a bunch of strips leftover so more jelly roll pondering in my future.

I didn't wash it but I can imagine it with all its crinkly quilty goodness. That pop of hot pink gets me every time!  And darn it, I do love plaid, I was just telling my hubby that I need more good plaid in my life... err, stash.

With all of the busy prints in this quilt I chose a solid binding from Art Gallery Elements.  The backing is by Kate Spain's Joy collection in Mint - although it was part of a holiday collection, it goes perfectly with this spring baby quilt!

I've been a meandering machine lately and again did a meandering quilting pattern.  I'm still perfecting my meandering - the pattern is so quick and universal that I just want to do it over and over!!

If you are wanting to make your own jelly roll squares quilt the center squares are 2.5 inches, followed by 6.5 strips and then 10.5 strips. It does require 'squaring up' after each square is complete. This baby quilt measures 40x40 and goes together super fast!

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  1. Those tiny reddish birds are adorable, as is your quilt! Love the polka dotted backing, it is a perfect fit. :)

  2. A fun cheery quilt for a little baby!

  3. Super fun and adorable! So cool that you could pair the two collections and get a cohesive look. Meadering was a good choice - it gets the job done, and it doesn't compete with those prints you're trying to showcase.

  4. Great use for a jelly roll! The binding is just the right touch and I too am a big fan of meandering. :) Nicely done.

  5. Great baby quilt! I have a jelly roll to use to make a baby quilt and your pattern is perfect. Fast and easy are really good things these days! Beautiful finish.

  6. Lovely quilt! So Spring! I, too, love meandering--just wrote a few days ago that it is like watching fish in a tank for me, so meditative!

  7. Such a sweet quilt! That fabric is just darling!