Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Herringbone Quilt, Final Fat Eighth Bundle Project

After making two triangle quilts (here and here) with a fat eighth bundle of Coquette by Chez Moi I did something a little different and made this girly herringbone quilt. It has been quite a while since I used a lot of white in a quilt so it was fun to revisit something familiar. This quilt was featured on Quilt Story!

I pulled out all of the green and blue fabrics from the bundle leaving just shades of pink, purple and yellow. The blues ended up in a herringbone pillow, the greens are just orphaned to the scrap bin for now.

The backing is pieced in purple and yellow - I was a little nervous that I wouldn't like how it turned out but I'm really happy with it.

I especially love the chevron pattern on the back left by the quilting! I followed every row on either side of the seam using my walking foot. I used white thread since I was using a big dash of Kona White in this baby quilt. I used just under one yard of white for this quilt which measures 36x38.

When making my rainbow herringbone quilt last year I worried that it would be difficult to line up the seams but it is actually a very forgiving pattern. You can grab a link to the herringbone tutorial on my pinterest tutorials board.  I modified it some but the instructions are really good. My cut pieces were 2.5 x 9 which makes this a jelly roll friendly pattern too! I did have a little trouble with the rows not lining up this time around - there is a good dash of 'eye-balling' that goes into this quilt when piecing the rows. At first I thought my seam allowances were off but it ended up that my eye-balling was the issue. I must have had beginners luck when doing the pattern the first time because I didn't experience this issue the first go around.

I'd love to say this is the final installment of my fat eighth bundle but I have a huge pile of scraps so I'm not quite finished with these fabrics. I've used them so much I might just add them to my overflowing scrap bins.

Fat Eighth Bundle Projects 

Just to recap my projects from one fat eighth bundle and 1 1/4 yard of white 
Herringbone Crib Quilt, 36x38, plus 33 inches of white
Herringbone Pillow, 18 inch square, plus 10 inches of white 
A small mountain of scraps!

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  1. Too cute! You can't tell that rows aren't matching up, it looks great! :)

  2. Wow, that look so good. And the others too - might have to give braiding another go. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Looks lovely... I'll be grabbing that tutorial for future reference!

  4. Simple quilting makes for a super effective quilt. Nicely done!

  5. What a beautiful quilt, it has such a soft look to it. And thanks for the link to the herringbone tutorial, good to know that it's easy to match those points, I wouldn't have guessed so.

  6. That's a great quilt. It's so romantic and just right for a little girl

  7. Really nice quilt ... I especially love the pink with yellow backing, it's so sweet + subtle.