Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bonus Pillows and Low Vol Haul

I love bonus projects! They come in all sorts, pillows, mug rugs, doll quilts and they look an awful lot like the quilt I just finished. I love taking the scraps from my quilts and making something useful... and maybe its easier than picking a new project or putting them in the scrap bins. These small projects are a great way to try something new without getting in over my head! I had quite a few scraps leftover from my Gumballs top, nearly enough to make another baby quilt, might have got a little carried away with the cutting I think. Since I haven't installed a zipper for a couple of weeks I'm feeling a pillow (or two considering the pile of scraps) this time... my obsession for pillows with zippers is so weird I know! I love pillows so much I even made a link just for them

This is about two-thirds of the stack of leftovers. I cut them into different sized widths and in lengths of 3, 5, and 7 inches. I considered adding another colorway and doing another baby quilt but I've got project ideas stacking up over here! I believe I will be able to make two pillows - the first is kind of a improv coin/strip affair which I've got hanging on my design wall. I have several rows for that one sewn. I'm thinking a string quilt pillow (doll quilt?) for the second. If there are more scraps they are heading for the scrap bins; two bonus projects are the limit!

I mentioned the low volume swap hosted by Patch the Giraffe and From Bolt to Beauty a little while ago. The swap is complete! Look at this haul of low volume fabrics. I have been stalking a few of my favorite websites and books looking for ideas and I've tentatively decided; I'm thinking pastel wonky stars against these fun fabrics. I have never used low vol fabrics for a background before. It's going to be adventure. What a fun swap this was and useful since I don't have a lot of cute low vol's - where do folks find these cute fabrics, honestly coat hangers, music notes and tea cups?! I'll be keeping my eyes out for more fun swaps from these ladies!

In addition to these wips I'm also working on the pink, lime and grey chevron quilt. I had a major issue with my fabric arriving timely so progress has stalled, but the fabric is here now, it's washed, the white fabric has been cut! Time to catch up. I actually need to put my bonus pillows and low vol projects aside until I've finished the custom quilt order.

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