Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pink and Teal Quilt

I usually give all my love to teal... But hey this is October and everywhere you look is pink. Our Packers are wearing pink on Sunday, I bought a pink 'add a quarter inch' ruler, Fiskars rotary cutter and a package of pink Clover wonder clips. Seriously, I bought the pink wonder clips immediately when I saw them in September, I knew that I couldn't live another day without them, same goes for the rotary cutter. Although I had considered doing an entire scrappy quilt in all teal I decided to add in bright pink.

See the little nose in the background?! I cut my strips 2.5 x 4.5 and randomly matched one pink and one teal. I had nine fabrics of each colorway. Next time I do the cutting I would cut 2.5 x 9 and then cut the pieced strips in half. I didn't really have a good plan since I wasn't working from a pattern but it came together anyways! I was able to cut, sew and layout the entire quilt after work last night. One thing that I didn't do right away was 'square up.' I figured it was such a simple pattern that I probably wouldn't need to... nope, I'm not perfect as it turns out, sigh. Next I'll be squaring up the blocks! This is going to make a really cute baby quilt which I hope will be done by Friday.

Stout Homecoming Weekend

Last Friday I finished up my country girl improv quilt, commissioned a super cute chevron quilt (fabric ordered, check!) and headed north! It was 10 years ago that my hubby, our best man and I graduated from the MS Training and Organizational Development program at UW-Stout. It was a beautiful fall weekend in Menomonie, we tailgated, walked around campus, bought t-shirts at the bookstore, enjoyed the local craft brew and watched our Blue Devils get the snot beat out of them... Mostly good stuff! The game would not have been complete without a student wearing only a horse head, suspenders and underpants! I'll save the photo for another venue.  Instead here's a pic of my hubby and I with the Stout mascot... tidbit: we didn't have a mascot when we went to college there! He's new newish   

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  1. I really like your pink and teal combination. I'm not sure I would have thought of that.
    Visiting from Sew Fresh Quilts.

  2. Love the color combo. So bright and happy.

  3. Such a bright and lovely stack of teal and pink! Your block is so pretty! This will be a beautiful baby quilt!

  4. That stack of fabric just jumps off the page. It's going to be a darling baby quilt!

    And now I need some pink clips too.

  5. I totally love those colors at the moment, too! Unfortunatly none of my friends seem to agree. Everybody expecting a baby girl has banned be from using any kind of pink :(

  6. such a pretty stack of color! happy sewing! :)